Urban Wild – artist statement about recent works


I aspire to give viewers a sense of flight, an inner high with overview of land, and raise their inner (environmental) awareness. I also wish to impact viewers with real plants inhabiting the traditional wall art format. The plants clash with fabricated forms, and resonate with rich textures and colors, in dynamically balanced compositions. In this way, I want the take the audience on a journey trough changing landscapes in which wild natural and man made environments strive to reclaim one another.

My works can be seen as environmental wall art installations, incorporating vertical gardens with live and preserved plants. Yet they come to life as paintings and they pay equal tribute to the institution of painting and wall relief. Thematically, my work explores environmental topics and the relationship between water, vegetation and architecture in the face of climate change. My sources include environmental maps, Arte Povera, and the contemporary architecture and design. While drawing from these sources, I create a formal painterly balance in-between abstraction and representation. In this way, I create a vision of ecological balance between the natural and the man made world. Through reenacting environmental forces in pictorial space I seek to embody a sense of ‘ecological self’.


My art can be interactive with the audience as the audience is invited to participate in shaping the planted areas. As opposed to capturing a single moment, my works with live plants encompass a full span of growth and change, through metamorphosis of live plants and through human interaction.

My artworks with preserved plants explore natural environments in the context (and future) of natural history.

Some artworks are a mix containing the living greens and the plant taxidermy, with an open-ended outlook.

My freestanding sculptural tables merge my artistic vision with furniture design.


Ivan Stojakovic




Retrospective Statement:

Since 2001, my art has been an exploration of the relationship between the natural and the fabricated world on shifting scales: the subatomic, the microscopic, the environmental and the global scale. The results have been mostly abstract but sometimes representational. While drawing references from natural and fabricated systems, my approach to forming images has been expressionistic and primal. This approach has allowed me to introduce a tactile, colorful and emotional – ‘ecological self’ into the complex equations of environmental balance.

Ivan Stojakovic