Maintenance of plants in the artwork by Ivan Stojakovic


When it comes to maintenance, owning Stojakovic’s artwork is like owning a vertical succulent garden. The artworks use the same tested vertical garden systems, except that maintaining the artwork is easier, since any accidentally dead plants function as an intended possibility for the artwork to take a different turn. Then there is a possibility of replanting. All possible ends of the ongoing environmental drama, staged by the artist, and the fact that the moss is not alive but preserved and UV protected, take away the pressure to keep all the greens looking perfect. Through watering bi-monthly and replanting a few plants once a year, the owner is invited to interact with nature in the context of environmental art.


It is very simple to maintain this live wall as only the hardiest and drought tolerant plants are used. These plants really need just a lot of light and some love! If there is not enough natural light at the location, LED grow light bulbs should be used to spot light the plants. If you own house plants this is no different. Fertilizer is not necessary.

There are two systems used in the artwork:

1.            Either a vertical wall felt system: Watering of plants embedded in synthetic felt, takes place by spraying/squirting the plants with tap water while installation stays on the wall, and the water remains within the work.

2.            Or a vertical wall soil system: Watering of plants embedded in soil, takes place by spraying/squirting tap water around the plants while the artwork is off the wall in the horizontal position, and the water drains through the holes on the back of the artwork.

Note:  Preserved moss does not need to be watered.

+ All artwork parts are water resistant.


For the few plants that may need to be replaced on the odd occasion, the replacements can be purchased online and safely shipped to home address (specific info will be provided upon request). The price is about $5 for a small plant. The new plant fits into the felt pocket or into the wire grid opening. All details and instructions concerning this long term living system, including how to store it and ship it, will be provided upon request. The artist provides affordable yearly maintenance of plants, for those who wish not to interact but watch the artwork as it grows and changes.